How to Litter Train A Kitten

Litter or litter box means a sandbox or tray which cats use to put their urine or feces in an indoor area. When we say litter train it indicates that how to teach a kitten to use such litter box during their purge.

No matter how much we are fond of cats or kittens, but it is not acceptable that your house is full of shits or purgation unexpectedly, right? So, every kitten-holder should know that how to make their little ones trained enough to use litter box regularly.

Usually, mom cat is aware enough to make their kittens trained about how to use litter box during their raising period, but if you are a novice pet holder and have a kitten to rise without its mother then you have to follow a few simple tricks to make it litter train naturally. Here we are suggesting you how to do the job expertly without any additional effort, let’s check this out-

How to Litter Train My kittens

  • Basically, kittens follow and imitate their mom during their raising period, so it will be easier to a person to train a kitten about the litter
  • But, if their mom is no near around or you have to teach a kitten on your own to use the litter then, wait at least for 3-4 weeks after their born.
  • After that duration, try to emphasize litter box with some attractive equipment like toys, dishes, bedding stuff around the litter to drag the attention of a kitten towards it.
  • Make them realize that what is the purpose of this box, and take them to that box every time they pass purge in a day.
  • Make your kitten comfortable about the use of that litter box and keep the box clean after kitten leaves their enclosure there.
  • If you are quite certain about the timing of purgation of your kitten then, try to put your kitten in litter box every day exactly at that time. This will help them to realize, that box is intended for what!
  • Lastly, if your kitten has started walking then try to put a litter box in every single room, so then in high motion, it doesn’t need to search the box or couldn’t make your place nasty accident, once it figured out the real purpose of such boxes.

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Adorable kitten trained to pee in litter box

How to Move Newborn Kittens

Pet lovers know the indulgence of raising a kitten on their own, right? Apart from the fun and happy part, there is a big responsibility lies in this act, which claims our concern in every bit of this task. Kittens are adorable, their furry texture, playful activities, and cute appearance eternally attract us towards this purring bunch of fur.

As a pet parent, you should be aware of what is suitable and healthy to your kitten for all the time, and a perfect guidance of how to take care of kittens would train you in this attempt optimistically. So, here we have emerged with a few significant tips about how to watch over your tiny kittens expertly at home, without any professional help to raise them flawlessly. Let’s check them out quickly and make your pet-parenthood more exciting than ever-

Raising and moving a newborn

When we raise female kitten it is obvious that it’s going to produce more kittens within a few years but. Not every pet holder is ready to raise those kittens as well at their home.

Sometimes, people also give those kittens to other people for raising them as their pet. Humans not only move newborn kittens for their own good, sometimes they do it for the benefits of newborns as well.

It’s been observed that a few newborn babies couldn’t get enough nourishment or adequate warmth from their mother and they have to move to a specialist to look after them properly for at least first 2-3 weeks.

In such matters, you have to move newborn kittens from their mother and you need to do it a little carefully, as it is not easy to move kittens from their mother and it is even tougher to prove that human intervention could actually benefit kitten more than their mother!

However, hopefully, there are ways to do this job effortlessly, here we are referring you a few steps in this endeavor, let’s check them out carefully-

  • At first, make sure that the mom-cat feels trustworthy to you, otherwise, it could get fretful and aggressive towards you.
  • Decide that you have to move all kittens from their mother or only one or a few numbers are needed to be moved.
  • Once you decided, wait for the resting time of that mother cat, and bring something carrying the object to move them from there.
  • A cupboard box or any hardy yet clutching box would be recommended here. So, take that type of object and pick kittens into that box carefully that you are not harming those cute fur balls from any aspects.
  • Now place your kitten cautiously after picking them up carefully.
  • For the final task, let’s inform the mother cat where you are moving those litters after finishing your task, as this will make them less worried about their newborns.

Mentionable here that a mom-cat is capable enough to take care of their litters more expertly than any other vet or professionals, so, move a newborn from its mother only if you find the born place is not safe or healthy for kittens! Otherwise, let them rise naturally near to their mother like any newborn on this earth.

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How to Fix or Remove Dent from Car

Car dent is frustrating and a heart-broken thing to any car holder, yet it is a very common incident which we often get through in our daily lives. Earlier, we thought that dent could not be fixed or removed without any professional help, but that view has been changed along with the help of a few clever DIY tricks.

Such tricks teach us how to restore the fresh flaunt of your car easily at home after removing a dent from it. Let’s check out one of the most convenient methods in this regard-

Things Needed:

  • Liquid sandpaper
  • Polishing Pad
  • Metallic coating compound
  • Clear coat
  • Car body filler
  • Hardener
  • Primer
  • One container paint of your car color
  • Safety glasses
  • Paper filter
  • A pair of gloves
  • Sandpaper
  • Cleaning Rags
  • Buffing pads
  • Masking tape
  • Mixing & spreading paddles


  • Firstly, use the sandpaper on an orbital sander to remove the paint or primer coat from the damaged part of your car.
  • Then use the body filler to make the uneven or damaged part of your car even.
  • To do so, initially, merge the filler with a mild part of hardener and then apply it gently on your car with the help of spreading paddle.
  • Once you spread the layer evenly, take a piece of sandpaper and smooth the outer surface of your coated area carefully.
  • After finishing the rubbing job, dust out the rubbed portions with a rag and then wait for at least 1 hour before going to the next step.
  • In the very next step, bring a good primer and apply that dent spot of your car with a light
  • Once the primer coat is dried out completely, apply the paint that is matched with your current car color on that spot and let it be spread evenly with your hand.
  • Never forget to wear gloves and safety glasses before starting these steps at home.
  • After drying the final paint coat out, it will definitely be the hardest thing to find out where your car had dent before!

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How to Fix a Dent on My Car

Removing car dent without even to repaint

How to Polish/Wax a Black Car

069a2417df60da0846bd0ce15fae77ae--life-car-jeep-cars.jpg (736×736)Black cars look amazing indeed but keeping the new shine on such cars is a difficult thing, particularly when you use that often or regularly.

Wax of these types of cars also treated differently than another car surface.

Here we are showing you an easy yet efficient way to the polish your black car and how to keep that polish for long period, let’s check it out-

Steps to Polish a Black Car

Things Needed:

  • 1 black paint cleanser
  • A container of black wax
  • One bucket water
  • Cleaning cloth
  • An electrical buffer
  • Soft wool-made buffing pad
  • A piece o terry cloth
  • And a pair of gloves


  • At first, use the paint cleaner on your car paint and make the car evenly colored to start your processing.
  • Then, clean the outer surface of your car with water thoroughly and pat it dry with a clean cloth piece.
  • Now, take the black wax and apply it gradually on the every single part of your car with hands.
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves before starting this process and always try to rub the whole area gently every time you apply it.
  • After applying it, damp a piece of terrycloth and rub it over that wax paint to spread it evenly on your car surface.
  • After covering the whole car this way or the selected part of your car set a wool-made buffing puff over your car surface and start buffing with it with the help of an electrical buffer.
  • Keep doing this process in a circular motion and when you are done, you will get a whole new shiny polished black car in your garage without spending too much of money!

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How to: Clean Rust from My Car Wheels

It is not unusual to get rust in our car wheels often during regular usage but getting that dirt out of wheels is really tough for anyone, especially from the intricate parts of wheels.

Mechanics could do it easily but the cost is not easy for all of us, and it is not possible as well, to send your vehicle every single to the garage just for cleaning the rust, right? So, here is a suitable solution for you, simply use the affordable DIY methods on your car wheels and get rid of those nasty rusts quickly. Here we are referring one of the easiest methods among them, let’s check it out-

How to Remove Rust from Car Wheels

Things Needed:

  • ½ cup mild soap
  • ½ cup lukewarm water
  • Juice of one lime
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Cleaning towel
  • 1 cup rubbing alcohol
  • A soft towel
  • 1 medium grade steel wool
  • 1 container of high chemical rust remover
  • An empty spray bottle
  • And 1 container of the rustproof


  • Firstly use a hard brush on the rim of your wheels and scrap out all the dry dirt from there.
  • Now mix soap & water in an empty spray bottle and spray it all over the wheels along with the rim side.
  • Then, bring the stiff bristle brush and start cleaning the rust from the parts of your wheels manually.
  • Once you have finished, soak a towel in rubbing alcohol and clean the wheels with that dampened towel firmly.
  • Then bring a fine grade steel wool and polish the rim areas of your wheels slow yet steadily until you get the satisfying glow to your wheels.
  • After eliminating all the dirt and cleaning rusted areas properly, apply the protective coating to the tire rims with a single layer.
  • Finally, bring the alcohol dampened towel and wipe the rim part gently for one last time.

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How to Apply Decals on My Car

It’s been a new trend for contemporary car holders, especially in overseas countries applying decals or car stickers on car’s windows. Some people do it as a style stamen and some do it for following their family legacy.

In both cases, you should follow a few particular steps to do the job perfectly and keep the process in a hassle-free manner. Let’s check out how to apply it easily at home-

How to Apply Car Decals

1002-car-11.jpg (1200×1200)

Image src: decalguru

Things Needed:

  • A sprayer
  • 1 cup rubbing alcohol
  • A soft scrubber
  • A clean cloth
  • Some decal stickers
  • And thin hard object


  • At the initial stage, apply some rubbing alcohol on the windows of your cars and clean them thoroughly with a scrubber.
  • Now, wipe them out clean with a soft piece of cloth and let the area dry completely before start applying decals on there.
  • Then, remove the paper from one side of your chosen sticker and place the sticky side carefully on the glass surface.
  • Once you have done that perfectly, use that thin and sharp object to rub the other side of that sticker firmly making the sticker grease-free.
  • After doing this, peel the remaining paper part from your decal carefully and let it set their uninterruptedly for 24 hours.
  • After that duration, slowly take out the clear transparent tape from the sticker on the next morning and your car decals it all ready to flaunt trendily.

how to apply car decal, car decal ideas

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Remove Scratches and Key Marks from My Car

Getting scratches or key marks on car surface is a common thing for any car-holder, but removing that marks without any professional help is a hard thing to do.

Such scratches on cars not only provide an ugly resemblance to our vehicle, but they cause juvenile acts, accidents, poor parking, and many more mishaps. Let’s check out how to deal with such scars expertly at home with DIY process-

How to Remove Scratches

Things Needed:

  • Sprayer
  • Sanding Pad
  • A piece of soft cloth
  • A rubbing amalgam
  • A buffer
  • A carnauba wax
  • And 2 cups of clean water


  • At first, sand out the scratch lightly by rubbing the sandpaper or sanding pad over the mark repeatedly.
  • Once you rub the area properly, pour some water into a sprayer and spray out the rubbed area with water force.
  • Now, dry the area of your car gently with a soft and dry cloth piece to do the coating process flawlessly.
  • Then, apply the rubbing amalgam over the scratch and use the buffer pad to spread it evenly over that spot.
  • After this, apply the polisher on that spot and again use the buffer downward leisurely to keep the polishing layer perfect.
  • Try to keep the buffer continuously over that particular spot for a couple of minutes before going for the final step.
  • Once you finished all these steps perfectly, wash the portion for one last time with water through a sprayer and lastly carefully dry that area with a clean cloth.

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How to Boost a Car Battery

Sometimes, our car battery acts like dead and frighten us for a single moment that this time there is no coming back from expenditure, but you can actually deal with this problem at home without spending a penny with an effective DIY process! Occasionally, car batteries proceed as dead but the electrical system inside them still continues. In such cases, you just need to jump start your car battery by following some simple steps. Let’s check out the check out how to do this easily-

How to Boost Car Battery – Jump start a Car

Things Needed:

  • Two jumper cables
  • Another car with fully charged battery
  • A wide place to park two cars alongside
  • And an unpainted metal piece


  • At first, find out the terminals in your battery and then bring the jumper cables to begin your charging process.
  • Now, attach one part of your red clips to the positive terminal to the battery of your car, and set the other portion to the fully charged battery of another car.
  • Then, bring the rest jumper and find out the negative terminal of that charged battery of another car.
  • Hold one part of that black clip and carefully attach it to the negative terminal of the fully charged battery.
  • Finally, take the rest black clip part and attach it to the outer surface of that metal piece.
  • Then, keep that metal object far away from your car as long as you can and let the engine of our car run for a few minutes uninterruptedly.
  • Now, all you want is just start your car and once it’s started, carefully remove the clips from your battery by keeping the engine on.

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Future Water Sources for Parched Planet

Nearly 4 out of 10 people in the world population don’t have access to clean water or they live in water stressed area. Moreover this doesn’t stop here, research suggest that it may even grow up to 50% more in upcoming 5 to 7 years.

How to Quench the Thirst of Our Planet

We only need water for water not like oil for which we have alternative in our planet.
We have learnt from the Greek philosopher Aristotle that heating saltwater and condensing it gives a sweet water leaving the salt behind. In the past 40 years desalination has proved it to be reliable and it’s enough for our planet.

Current Methods
Total dissolved solids in seawater is nearly 30000 to 50000 TDS mg/L, and nearly 1000 – 18000 mg/L in brackish water.

MSF(Multistage Flash Distillation ): Salt Water Boiler and a Coolant Dome.
RO Techonology  (Reverse Osmosis): Using membranes to separate salt and chlorine from water.
Instead of just using MSF or RO alone using hybrid is better in efficiency. It reduces the power and fuel consumption. More than 40% of fuel is saved by using a hybrid, in which we will be using the steam pressure from MSF to run a mechanical RO.

How a RO Desalination Plant Works

Hurdles Ahead  for Desalination Plants

Having said about the cost and power consumption, they are not the only problem that a desalination plant has to face, there are more to go.

Brine ( High Salt Concentrated solution)
For every gallon of water nearly equal amount of brine is leftover. where to dump it?
The desalination plants near the coastal areas dump the brine back to ocean but, its not a good option. It affects the local marine life.

Image source scienceclarified

Apart from brine the local ecosystem is affected. These desalination plants pull enormous amount of water which also sucks the food web’s base layer organisms. For which we can suck water below the subsurface and desalinate it. So that the organisms and fish eggs are not pulled into the plant.

So what can we do now? We dont any low power consuming super RO or hybrid system right now but, we can iterate the process of improving our current desalination plants. More than 40% of desalination plants in out world is found in middle east and northern part Africa.

Now Israel’s desalination plants are capable of supplying 75% of country’s drinking water needs. So we have to constantly improve our desalination technology and save the rainwater to ground.