Remove Scratches and Key Marks from My Car

Getting scratches or key marks on car surface is a common thing for any car-holder, but removing that marks without any professional help is a hard thing to do.

Such scratches on cars not only provide an ugly resemblance to our vehicle, but they cause juvenile acts, accidents, poor parking, and many more mishaps. Let’s check out how to deal with such scars expertly at home with DIY process-

How to Remove Scratches

Things Needed:

  • Sprayer
  • Sanding Pad
  • A piece of soft cloth
  • A rubbing amalgam
  • A buffer
  • A carnauba wax
  • And 2 cups of clean water


  • At first, sand out the scratch lightly by rubbing the sandpaper or sanding pad over the mark repeatedly.
  • Once you rub the area properly, pour some water into a sprayer and spray out the rubbed area with water force.
  • Now, dry the area of your car gently with a soft and dry cloth piece to do the coating process flawlessly.
  • Then, apply the rubbing amalgam over the scratch and use the buffer pad to spread it evenly over that spot.
  • After this, apply the polisher on that spot and again use the buffer downward leisurely to keep the polishing layer perfect.
  • Try to keep the buffer continuously over that particular spot for a couple of minutes before going for the final step.
  • Once you finished all these steps perfectly, wash the portion for one last time with water through a sprayer and lastly carefully dry that area with a clean cloth.

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