How to Apply Decals on My Car

It’s been a new trend for contemporary car holders, especially in overseas countries applying decals or car stickers on car’s windows. Some people do it as a style stamen and some do it for following their family legacy.

In both cases, you should follow a few particular steps to do the job perfectly and keep the process in a hassle-free manner. Let’s check out how to apply it easily at home-

How to Apply Car Decals

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Things Needed:

  • A sprayer
  • 1 cup rubbing alcohol
  • A soft scrubber
  • A clean cloth
  • Some decal stickers
  • And thin hard object


  • At the initial stage, apply some rubbing alcohol on the windows of your cars and clean them thoroughly with a scrubber.
  • Now, wipe them out clean with a soft piece of cloth and let the area dry completely before start applying decals on there.
  • Then, remove the paper from one side of your chosen sticker and place the sticky side carefully on the glass surface.
  • Once you have done that perfectly, use that thin and sharp object to rub the other side of that sticker firmly making the sticker grease-free.
  • After doing this, peel the remaining paper part from your decal carefully and let it set their uninterruptedly for 24 hours.
  • After that duration, slowly take out the clear transparent tape from the sticker on the next morning and your car decals it all ready to flaunt trendily.

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