How to Boost a Car Battery

Sometimes, our car battery acts like dead and frighten us for a single moment that this time there is no coming back from expenditure, but you can actually deal with this problem at home without spending a penny with an effective DIY process! Occasionally, car batteries proceed as dead but the electrical system inside them still continues. In such cases, you just need to jump start your car battery by following some simple steps. Let’s check out the check out how to do this easily-

How to Boost Car Battery – Jump start a Car

Things Needed:

  • Two jumper cables
  • Another car with fully charged battery
  • A wide place to park two cars alongside
  • And an unpainted metal piece


  • At first, find out the terminals in your battery and then bring the jumper cables to begin your charging process.
  • Now, attach one part of your red clips to the positive terminal to the battery of your car, and set the other portion to the fully charged battery of another car.
  • Then, bring the rest jumper and find out the negative terminal of that charged battery of another car.
  • Hold one part of that black clip and carefully attach it to the negative terminal of the fully charged battery.
  • Finally, take the rest black clip part and attach it to the outer surface of that metal piece.
  • Then, keep that metal object far away from your car as long as you can and let the engine of our car run for a few minutes uninterruptedly.
  • Now, all you want is just start your car and once it’s started, carefully remove the clips from your battery by keeping the engine on.

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