How to Get Nail Polish out of Your Fabric

Nail polish is a hard stain to remove, once it gets tainted on any of your clothes, you couldn’t get rid of it easily. The colorful stroke of nail polish may resemble great on our nails but, it definitely gives trouble while exhibiting on our fabrics, right? You can eliminate the mark of nail polish in different ways; here are some of them-

How to

  • Firstly, wash out the mark instantly as soon as possible with normal water.
  • Then, place a tissue paper on the on the stained area to dry it up properly.
  • After that, place a paper towel behind the nail polish spot and then start your removing process.
  • Now, blot the portion with a removing ingredient like acetone, hydrogen peroxide, nail polish remover, etc. All these ingredients are individually effective on nail polish stain.
  • Apply the solution with a cotton ball and keep rubbing the area gently with that soaked cotton ball.
  • This way, you will transfer the stain to that paper towel from the fabric surface.
  • Now, wash off the solution with strong water force under your sink and repeat the process again, until you get rid of that nail polish stain completely!
  • Rinsing the stained area with warm water would give you the more satisfying result of this operation.
  • Hairspray or bugs spray also effectively on such marks because of the inside acidic content of these products.
  • Finally, wash the whole cloth in your washing machine and once it would be all dried, the fabric should be completely out of stain and polished.

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