How to Trim My Parrot’s Claws

Trimming my Parrot’s Claws:

Parrots are one amazingly amusing bird and probably one of the best pet ones could have, but having this domestic bird as your house pet is ineffective until you train them to sit on your hand, right? Admit it or not, we all have that hidden desire in our mind that once our pet parrot sits on our shoulder or finger or hand, however, this dream turns into a nightmare when we get injured by their sharp, untrimmed claws.

Parrots’ claws are extremely pointy and bandied which make them absolutely dangerous especially when staying untrimmed. So try to keep trimming the nails of your bird often at home to stay safe from any scratches or bleeding from your bird. Here we are giving you a simple method to cut your bird’s claws at home in a few easy steps, let’s check them out-

Clipping Parrot Nails Steps:

  • Try to keep your bird calm first to begin and complete the process in a hassle-free manner.
  • Now take a long soft towel and wrap your bird with it by keeping their legs out of that wrapping.
  • Gather some nail clippers, some antiseptic powder, and a nail cutter or a hard
  • Use a pale colored towel here, as it is observed that vibrant colors tempt or alarm a parrot furiously and make the whole process a big failure.
  • Some pet experts say that use to apply this wrapping process frequently before the exact grooming session, as this will make your bird comfortable with this process and wouldn’t trigger it on anyhow.
  • After completing the wrapping process, take one leg near to you and lift a nail with the help of your finger.
  • Now, set a nail clipper on it, bring it back to its place carefully and do repeat this process with the entire finer of both legs.
  • Then you need to divert the mind of your bird before the final process which is cutting or trimming the nail adequately.
  • To do so, give your bird some tasty treats or let other family members talk to your bird constantly, so then, it can’t concentrate on your trimming process for once.
  • Now, bring the trimmer and start cutting the nail to a certain proportion where the claws could obtain a safe nail portion.
  • If you ever found that some blood start occurring on the nail, spread the powder immediately of that place and wait for a few minutes before going for the next trimming process.
  • Don’t try to complete the session forcefully to your parrot and leave it instantly once you find that your bird seems uneasy about the process.
  • For novice people, we would recommend you to take your bird to professionals for avoiding any injurious consequence of this trimming process.

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